Darcy Nutt

Darcy is the owner of Chalice Tattoo Studio, and has been tattooing since 1999.

Black and grey portrait style, stipple, color realism, traditional Japanese and Americana are among my specialties. Also, large scale compositions that are custom tailored to fit the body. I enjoy doing tattoos of any size, as long as I may have artistic freedom with whatever I do. This brings out the best of my abilities. Organic, illustrative, and geometric designs are also very fun for me. I'm always happy to work with clients to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.


A Backpiece in 4 minutes

If you have ever wanted to see a large tattoo project from start to finish, make sure and watch this video!  We were able to film this 12 session 60 hour back piece project from start to finish and compile it in to a 4 minute video.

Please take a moment to see how this process works.

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