Ben Sanchez

I grew up in New Mexico but moved to Idaho late 2008 and began tattooing in 2009.  Prior to tattooing, I dedicated over a decade of my life to street art.  I consider myself a well-rounded artist and put much of my time into the designing process before even tattooing. I strive to create unique tattoos that flow with the shape of the body and are pleasing to the eye. Having some free rein allows me to assemble a distinctive piece of art that no one else will have.

 Geometric, Black and grey, realism, bright and bold, and neo traditional, are some of my favorite styles of tattooing. My specialties include any type of dot work (stippling), patterns, mandalas, ornamental, abstract, symbolism, floral, symmetrical designs and sacred geometry.

Consultations are always free and I have an expansive selection of mandalas and patterns that I would be happy to show you.

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